3 hots this Friday

We wind down the week rather junk-foodie.
Usually when I make one fun food, I surround it
with healthy sides.  Not so today. Went all out.

Breakfast –


Lunch – We ate lunch with our co-op (homeschool) group today, and every family brings a dish to share

  • Pigs in a blanket (Little Smokies wrapped in gf dough and baked

  • Buffalo Chicken dip with Fritos

  • Sausage balls

  • Cake with fresh strawberries

Supper – continuing our junk food theme

Hot wings (On our Monday shopping trip, we picked up wings that had been marked down to .99/lb. Woo-hoo!
Cole Slaw
Green beans
Fries (We found organic  potatoes marked down to 1.49 for 3 lb bags Monday)  – The Girl sliced them pretty thin, laid them out on towels to soak up the water from them for 15 min, and then put cajun seasoning on them. They were crisp and tasty.
Homemade blue cheese dressing for the wings

Tomorrow we will eat much more healthy. HA!

Hope you have a terrific weekend!


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