3 Hots: Week 5, Day 4

Today we worked on a couple of house projects.  This means that all of the meals today were prepared by our Daughter, 13, and son, 11.  Actually most (like 90%) of the cooking in our home is done by the kids.  Let’s hear it for training up kids!  WOO-HOO!


Lunch – We built a bonfire outside to burn off some odds and ends from splitting wood, so the kids decided to roast hotdogs over the fire.  We don’t eat buns with our dogs.  just not needed.
Mac and Cheese (left overs)
Greens (left overs)

Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce with hidden veggies.  When the kids were little I started hiding veggies in different foods. Meat sauce is the easiest place to do this. Tonight’s sauce had carrots, onions, and zucchini.  We saute the veggies, then use an immersion blender on them before adding them to the sauce.

Tomorrow we have pork on the menu. That went into the brine tonight so it can soak for 24 hours. This makes a huge difference in the flavor and juiciness.


3 Hots: Week 5, Day 3… naughty girl!

OK.  I know.  I make all these promises and I break them.  Naughty, naughty me.  Things are just so busy and blah, blah, blah…

So here we are on Wednesday, let me catch you up.

Monday we went for our store run.  We found the following for $1.49:
3 packs of Mushrooms
5 lb bags of Fuji apples
5 lb bags of Red Delicious apples
3 lb bag of lemons
bag of org celery
bag of baby Romaine lettuce
3 lb bag of onions

In addition, we gathered 6 lbs of Kale and Curly Mustard greens from Mom’s garden.  Their garden has been crazy productive all winter, and we are very thankful.


Apple Breakfast Cobbler
Baked potatoes
Butter, sour cream and cheese
DinnerLettuce wraps – chicken, cabbage, carrots, onions, water chestnuts
Romaine Lettuce
Hashbrowns (made from the left over potatoes from lunch yesterday)
Homemade chicken noodle soup – Yesterday I bought a pack of chicken breasts, brought them home and filleted them.  We used the meat for the Lettuce Wraps, and then boiled the bones with celery and onions and spices to make stock.  We used that to make the soup today.  To the stock we added carrots, celery, onions and noodles.
DinnerSteaks (we found them marked down to half price at the store Monday.  We bought 2 and just split them.)
Mac and cheese (such a comfort food!  We used De’Boles corn pasta for this.)
Kale and Mustard Greens from Granny’s garden
Greek Salad

So that is this week so far.

If you are interested in any recipes or have ideas to share, please feel free to.



Week 4, Day 4

It is Thursday already!  Why does time move so quickly?  Life is so sweet right now.  We have a 13 1/2 year old daughter and an 11 1/2 year old son.  They are independent enough to take care of things on their own and dependent enough to make me feel needed. It is a great balance. Our daughter does most of the cooking at our house, but our son is coming along with his cooking skills as well, and is doing most of the prep work now. The kid knows his way around a knife!  Our girl has a great sense for balancing flavors and enjoys tweaking things to offer new interpretations of old dishes. Learning to blend flavors is a big step toward success in the kitchen.

Raisin Toast
Eggs – with green onions and little bit of cheese

Homemade Sloppy Joes – Brown the ground beef, add cumin, coriander, paprika, celery salt, 1 TBS of brown sugar (raw). Stir in a can of diced tomatoes and let simmer for about 30 min to cook out a bit of the water.
Homemade Chebe rolls. YUM!!!  These things are terrific!
Carrot sticks

Chicken Thighs – smear about 1 tsp of mayo on each thigh, sprinkle with lemon pepper seasoning and parmessan cheese. Bake at 350 for 25 min or until internal temp is 165.
Green Beans
Potatoes – boiled with a little salt and pepper

See you Tomorrow.


Week 4, Day 3

Tonight is my last night with my class at the college (I teach in the Business Department), so I am making dinner for  the students.  Well, actually the Girl is making dinner… maybe we can come to an understanding that when I say “I cooked, prepared, etc,” It means that she cooked, prepared, etc.

Grits with cheese
Fried Eggs
(Could it be more Southern?!)

Chicken Salad (left over chicken, celery, onions, pickle relish and some mayo)
Homemade crackers (http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/ritz-schmitz-have-a-cracker/)
Apples and pear slices

Chili with cheese, sour cream and hot sauce options
Cornbread with Cracklins (If you do not know what cracklins are, I am very sad for you. 😦  Make friends with a Southern Cook, just so you can learn to cook with Cracklins.  It is worth the effort. 🙂 )

See you tomorrow!


3 HOTS: Week 4, Day 2

Two days in a row. Who’s being consistent now?  HA!

Toast – that was the end of the Glutino brand raisin bread. It was very good. We even did PB&J’s with the bread and that was fantastic. As always, toast GF bread prior to using
Bacon – 3 slices

Our girl took the leftover chicken from last night and boned it and put the meat in a med pot with 2 qts of chicken stock.  She sauteed about 1.5 c worth of celery, onions and carrots and added that to the stock. When this came to a boil, she added 1/2 tsp of ginger, 1 TBSP of Bragg’s Amino Acids, 1/4 c coconut milk and 1 cup GF egg noodles.  Served it up when the noodles were tender, with a corn tortilla-Quesadilla.

The girl took the chicken she brined over night and baked it in the oven for 35 min.  You wouldn’t believe how flavorful and juicy that chicken was!
Green beans
Cole Slaw
Wilted Spinach
Fried potatoes
We like lots of veggies at dinner.  Tonight’s meal was excellent!

See you tomorrow! ~CS

Week 4, Day 1: Back on the wagon…

Well, that was a crazy week that just got away from me.  Back on the straight and narrow this week.  I intend to follow through… we shall see.

Monday is our mark-down day at our grocery.  Here are my 1.49 deals on Produce:
2 – 3 lb bags of organic pears
1 – 3 lb bag of organic apples
1.5 lbs of org cukes
2 lb of Lemons
12 oz org mushrooms
8 oz org mushrooms
2 – 1 lb org Spinach
4 – 24 oz bags of grated cabbage
2 crowns of org celery
Meats today brought us a huge surprise!  There was a new boy working in the butcher area, and he marked down the pork chops, ham hocks and loin chops to .09 cents per pound.  He would not accept that he made a mistake, so we got packs of all of those for .14 – .39 a pack.  You really can’t beat that one!  Mayberry’s pork is more expensive than that!

Raisin Bread Toasted
Scrambled eggs with onions and ham

Stir fried a bag of the grated cabbage with some ground pork that we seasoned with ginger and Thai spices.  Added in leftover broccoli, rice and carrots from last night.  YUM!

Chicken wings with hot sauce and Blue cheese
Salad – had to balance out the rest of it somehow

We put a whole chicken to brine tonight.  It is butterflied and we will bake it tomorrow evening.  Brining meat ahead of time adds so much flavor to it.  Really worth the effort.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


3 Hots: Week 3, Day 4

Thursday, March 7.

Egg and cheese sandwiches on Udi’s (GF) hotdog buns. HA!  A long, skinny Egg McMuffin… sort of.


Baked Potatoes
Steamed Veggies
Mozzarella Cheese on top
I know… rerun!  But it was such a hit earlier this week, and we needed to go ahead and cook the veggies, so we went for it. This time we melted mozz cheese on top for a gooey, yummy treat.  It was great!


Spaghetti – Meat sauce with pasta.
We make our meat sauce loaded with vegetables.  In the cast iron dutch oven we brown carrots, onions, zucchini, garlic, whatever veggies we want to add (avoid really strong flavors like broc or cauliflower).  If you have kids who have aversion to textures or will try to pick things out, puree the veggies before adding the tomatoes. We like diced tomatoes for spaghetti, usually tomatoes we have canned ourselves. Add the meat and herbs and we are ready to roll.  This time we used new-to-us pasta.  It is a Quinoa Amaranth mix.  It cooks REALLY fast, so if you try it, pay attention to your time and rinse it in cold water to stop the cooking.
Served with Salad. Hearty and filling.

See you again tomorrow!


3 Hots: Week 3, Days 1 – 3

Sorry. I have been a ba-a-a-a-d girl.  I will do better. I promise.

Monday we did our produce and meat run.  We found organic, whole chickens for .99/lb. Got all they had!  We love roasting whole chickens. So much you can do: enjoy eating it hot from the oven, make chicken salad, boil the carcass for stock, etc.  Chicken: It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Oatmeal with apples and almonds

Salad  – do-it-yourself let’s the kids decide what they want on their own salad. This means they eat it all up!

Stir fry with chicken and rice.  Buying bags of shredded veggies makes stir fry super easy!


Blueberry Pancakes – this used up the last of the blueberries we bought a couple of weeks ago.


We found 5# bags of baking potatoes for 1.49 yesterday.  We also found 24 oz steamer bags of broc, carrots and cauliflower for 1.49.  We combined this today for lunch:
Baked Potatoes
Steamed veggies
Toppings: 1 TBSP Butter, 1 TBSP Sour cream, 2 oz cheese, green onions

Chicken wings  – some hot, some not


We took the left over baked potatoes from yesterday and diced them to make hashbrowns.  Baking the potatoes takes the moisture out and they make very crispy hash! We diced onions into the pan with the potatoes at the beginning. When these were translucent, I broke in a couple of eggs, and added some fresh parm. YUM!

The girls baked a loaf of bread (GF, of course!) and we used that to make PB&J’s.  Nothing can beat a PB&J sandwich on still-warm fresh bread!
carrots and apple slices are the perfect sides

The Girl made her world-famous meatloaf for dinner.
Rice and Green beans rounded out the meal

I will see you back here soon.


3 hots: Week 2, days 6 & 7

Well, it’s Saturday night and time to do a 2-fer.  🙂
Today we had a lazy, hang out at home and enjoy some down time kind of day.  It was lovely.  We were treated to breakfast in bed by two ambitious kiddos this morning.  That was nice.  Of course, we do a lot of our Sunday cooking on Saturday so we don’t have as much to do on Sunday morning.  That makes for a much more peaceful start to our day.
Breakfast Casserole (same as yesterday, except this time I got to eat some of it!)
Coffee and fruit juice
Hot wings – We LOVE hot wings!  Naked (no crusty batter) and hot enough to make you cry a little
Supper – since we had a late, filling lunch, we went light on supper
Celery with peanut butter
Potato Pancakes (Made with leftover mashed potatoes)
Cucumbers (marinated in vinegar, sugar and dill weed)
French Toast made with Banana Bread
Lunch – this is what we are taking to the covered dish
lunch at church:
Pork Chops
Green Beans
Cheesy Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Supper – We are having friends over for Supper
Over fried chicken (This will have been brining for 48 hours when we cook it. Brining makes it so moist!)
Saffron Rice
Pea Salad
Spinach Salad
Apple Brown Betty

So that’s the plan.  I hope your Sunday is as much anticipated as ours.  Enjoy!


3 Hots: Week 2, Day 5

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Whew!  What a busy, busy day.  I met a sweet friend for breakfast and she made AMAZING Felafel pancakes.  Yep,  You read that correctly:  Felafel PANCAKES.  I will post the recipe here soon.
While I was out visiting my friend, Man and the kids hosted company for Breakfast, so The Girl made a casserole with eggs, sausage and cheese. We were out of cheddar, so she used the Kraft brand Mediterranean cheese.  It was FANTASTIC!  It melted and combined so smoothly. She only used half of what was called for because she didn’t want the spices in the cheese to overwhelm. The recipe:
8 eggs beaten well
one lb of sausage browned and well drained
1/2 c Mediterranean cheese, grated
1 c  milk
1/2 tsp dry mustard
1/2 c GF bread crumbs (or bread crumbled up)
Spread sausage into bottom of 8×11 baking dish, sprinkle cheese on top of that.  Combine all other ingredients in mixing bowl and beat on med for 2 minutes.  Pour egg mixture into baking dish.  Bake at 350 for 25 min or until edges are golden and center is set.
We served this with oranges and coffee.
Sloppy Joe’s on homemade buns
To make the sloppy Joe’s, Boy browned 1 lb of ground beef.  While that was browning, Girl made a Mirepoix (2 parts onion to one parts celery and carrots) and browned with a couple of cloves of garlic.  When each of these was done, they were combined and we added a pint of our home-canned tomato sauce.  This simmered for about 30 min before serving.  yum!
Pasta with parmesan sauce (think alfredo, but lots less butter. The Girl cooked homemade pasta and then combined 1/4 c parm, 1/4 c milk and 1 TBSP butter and stirred it in the pasta. Added oregano and parsley.)
Simple and Yummy!
Hope your weekend is off to a great start!