Sign Language Club (Summer Program)

This summer I am hosting a Sign Language Club online. The groups will be 6-8 students, and grouped according to age and skill level. We will meet once each week for 45 min a session. (Same time and day each week.) The students will be able to interact with each other and build friendships. The instruction will be live, not recorded. The cost is $45/month. Let me know if you have any questions.

In addition to Student Groups, there is also an adult group for College and Up.

Multiple students in the same family may choose to be in the same group, or different groups, just let me know your preference. The Summer Clubs will run June 1 – August 31.

New groups will start each month, so if you miss the first month, no worries. The Fall Clubs will start in September.

Buy your Monthly Tickets Here:

What People Say…

“Carroll Sue’s sign language class not only open up my eyes to a different way of learning, but also prepared me for communicating with others. I thoroughly enjoyed the class!”
Brooke, Student

“My daughter LOVED your Classes. Recently we were out shopping and saw an elderly lady who was deaf talking to a friend. After the friend left, my daughter went over and greeted the lady. The lady beamed! And they carried on a five minute conversation, and I just stood there in awe!”
Cindy, Mother of Student

“Carroll Sue’s Classes are not too slow, and not too fast. She is good about sensing when a student has grasped a concept and when students are ready to move on. This keeps all of our time moving forward. Nothing Boring!”
Renee’, Student

About the Instructor

Carroll Sue Priddy – I have been teaching sign language since I was teenager (and dinosaurs roamed the earth). I really love it. After graduating college, while in Grad School, I worked as an interpreter for folks who were deaf and hard of hearing. I interpreted at a local high school and for appointments in the community. After my kids were born I didn’t have the time to dedicate to interpreting, but I have been able to keep my skills sharp through teaching.

In addition to teaching Sign Language, I home-schooled and graduated our kids, and I teach part time in the business department at Montreat College.

Questions? Contact Carroll Sue at