Not Like Eve

I have been pondering Eve.

Knowing the protection that mom’s feel, I can’t imagine with how Eve dealt with her own sin. Because of her disobedience, her sons did not know the glory of walking with God personally. Because of this, her son was murdered. Because of this she lost two sons at once, as her eldest, her first joy, was driven away. I just can’t imagine that sorrow.

It was her fault.


There are bad decisions that I make as a mom and I rue and regret them. I receive forgiveness, yes, just like Eve did, but my children suffer for my sins. How foolish I am! I have seen this time and time and time again in families who are in ministry. (My grandfather, father, and husband: all pastors. EKE!) Mothers who put what is happening in the church or mission field ahead of their own ministry to their husbands and children, and justify this as service to the Lord.

(I am reminded of Jesus talking to the Pharisees in Mark 7.)

And that Sin for a Season results in lost children and broken families. I have watched dozens of families go down this path, and at the end the Mother weeping for her sin that she can’t change and her child or children exiled and lost, like Cain. Eve lived a long time, we aren’t given the exact time of her death, but she may have lived as long as Adam, which was to the generation before Noah. Oh, the wickedness that filled the whole earth!!

And she could look on that and remember that sin entered through her pride.


What a warning to my Mother-Heart! My time with our precious babies is so limited. Their knowledge of the goodness of the Lord is begun at my hem, as they live and see and grow in the fellowship of our little family. How can I waste a moment of this time? How can I let sin distract and pride creep in?

Oh, Lord! Let me be satisfied in what you have for me right now.

Don’t let me chase after anything else, and lose these that you have entrusted to us.